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PPP long march : PYO activists will protest against PTI, says Rashid Khashkheli,Haseeb Gorgage


These parties do not care about the people. If these parties has interest in public issues then today these parties would have been protesting against inflation, unemployment, poverty and the federal mini budget. The people of Pakistan have recognized the dual face of these puppet political parties he added.

Meer Haseeb gorgage the senior leader of PYO said that the People’s participation in PPP long march against inflation, unemployment and incompetent federal government will prove that the people are with only PPP and the real issue of the people is inflation and poverty as opposition parties in Sindh are fooling the people and the linguistic politics of parties like MQM, PTI, Jamaat, GDA have been rejected by the people.

The PTI and its allies who are sucking the blood of the people from inflation are talking about the rights of the people while Jamaat-e-Islami is promoting linguistics in Sindh through hypocritical politics.

Talking to daily city news correspondent PYO president said that the opposition is playing politics on the issue of local body law. He further said that Murtaza Wahab is an excellent administrator and is carrying out development work in Karachi with the same powers and resources that the MQM mayor had but unfortunately as a result of minus ppp thoughts Karachi was turned into a garbage dump but now the PPP has restoring the colors of Karachi.

Haseeb added that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has announced a long march against this selected government and the youth of Karachi while be participating in this long march in large number and we will not let the selected government to escape away from the peoples of Pakistan.

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