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Pakistan Coast Guard seizes drugs worth 37.5 million US dollars from Pasni



According to details, the Pakistan Coast Guard received a tip-off that there was a danger of smuggling large quantities of drugs from Pasni area of ​​Balochistan.

The area commander of Pakistan Coast Guards made a detailed plan and formed mobile patrol parties consisting of 17 soldiers including 2 officers. During the search operation, 590 kg of high quality cannabis was recovered from area Barangloli of Pasni. The smugglers were supposed to smuggle the drug abroad, which was foiled.

The value of exported drugs in the international market is 37.5 million US dollars. The Director General of Pakistan Coast Guard appreciated the hard work and high performance of the soldiers. It should be noted that Pakistan Coast Guard is always committed to preventing all kinds of smuggling and will continue to play its role in stabilizing the country’s economy.

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