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Aqeeda Khatm e Nabuwat must be a part of the curriculum in Pakistan and AJK: Hafiz Azhar Naeem President SIP 


The protection of “Aqeedah Khatm e Nabuwat” is one of the goals of the establishment of Pakistan and it must be achieved, The Government of Azad Kashmir has so far rendered invaluable services for the protection of “Aqeedah Khatm e Nabuwat”, But Pakistan’s ideological borders are insecure.

Despite being a Muslim country, why is it necessary to guard the Khatm e Nabuwat in Pakistan including Azad Kashmir. These views were expressed by Sahibzada Muhammad Ata-ul-Haq Naqshbandi Hussaini Patron in Chief of Sheran-e-Islam Pakistan (SIP) while addressing at a “Azad Kashmir Provincial and Divisional Cabinet Convention” held in Muzaffarabad.

The Convention was attended by the central leadership of “Sheeran-e-Islam Pakistan”, the top leadership of the Government of Azad Kashmir, senior government leaders including cabinet members of all divisions and districts, and representatives from all walks of life and segments of society.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Ulema o Mashaikh Council of Azad Kashmir Government Allama Imitaz Ahmed Siddiqui said that Qadianis are eternal enemies of Islamic State, The protection of Aqeeda Khatm e Nabuwat is a matter of time and no slack will be done for it.

He added that, The government of Azad Kashmir has already constitute laws and to protect the Aqeeda Khatm e Nabuwat, the government of Azad Kashmir will fully cooperate with “Sheran-e-Islam Pakistan” and will mobilize Ulema o Mashaikh throughout Kashmir in this regards.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal Cadet College, Muzaffarabad, Brig. Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Abbasi said that the youth should equip themselves with all kinds of skills to overcome the challenges of religious revival and modern age, Time is short and competition is fierce. He appreciated the services of “Sheran-e-Islam Pakistan” and expressed his full support.

However, President of Sheeran Islam Pakistan Hafiz Muhammad Azhar Naeem said that Aqeeda Khatm e Nabuwat is the consensus belief of the Ummah, Muslim Ummah has never compromised on this. He said that, The Muslim Ummah has defended this belief since the time of Prophethood. He demanded the government of Azad Kashmir to make Aqeeda Khatm e Nabuwat part of the curriculum so that younger generation could be familiar with Aqeeda Khatm e Nabuwat. He further said that “Sheeran-e-Islam Pakistan” will fight till the end to protect Aqeeda Khatm e Nabuwat.

Prof. Irfan Mahmood Barq, Chairman, Department of Khatm e Nabuwat “Sheeran Islam Pakistan”, while addressing the participants, demanded from the government that ban should be imposed Qadiani party. The mere demand for removal of Qadianis from key positions is not enough. He added that the protection of the Aqeeda Khatm e Nabuwat is also a means of unity of the Ummah to prepare our future generations for the struggle against this fitna.

Prof. Sajzada Muhammad Haseeb Ahmad Naziri, Ameer of Azad Kashmir welcomed the guests and thanked the participants for their participation in snowfall and unfavorable conditions.

While Sajzada Asif Mustafa Majidi Nazim of Azad Kashmir stated that the participants pledged that they will protect Aqeeda Khatm e Nabuwat in all circumstances, Until then, they will continue to pursue the rebels of Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم)

Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal, President All Pakistan Private Schools Association, renowned historian Qari Riaz-ur-Rehman Sagar, Allama Shaukat Siddiqui, scholars, journalists, lawyers and people from all walks of life attended the conference. At the end of the convention, the distinguished guests also distributed certificates among the participants.

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