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I want to give your generations better future; Syed Mustafa Kamal


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said that Mohajir nation had elected their so-called representative MQM eleven times in last four decades, but have utterly failed in getting even their fundamental rights.

Similarly, Sindhi brothers have been electing PPP for the last several decades but they themselves have failed in getting basic rights like education, healthcare, jobs, civic infrastructure etc and people in Sindh are forced to live a miserable life.

To date, the basic problems of both nations have not been resolved. When the MQM raises the slogan of a new province to polish its own politics at the cost of Muhajir nation, the PPP asks Sindhis across Sindh to forget about bread, cloth, shelter, dog bites death, malnourished and stunted children, unemployment, pathetic educational institutions, ghost schools, terrible health care, destruction of province, its incompetence and corruption, and start exploiting ethnic sentiments of Sindhis by chanting that  Muhajirs are trying to break the Sindh dharti maa and seeks their support.

Thus on linguistic grounds, both the parties manipulates the sensitivity of disgruntled, deprived and desperate ethnicities to prolong their tyrannical rule. Just as one is proud to be a Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi, Pakhtun, Kashmiri, Seraiki, Hazarewal, Gilgit-Baltistani, so am I proud to be a Muhajir, but I will never do politics in the name of Muhajir because i don’t want to make more enemies of muhajirs, If I cause rifts and divide the Ummah of Allah’s Beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him) for a few petty votes, Allah and His Messenger will be angry with me, I can’t and will never do ethnic politics.

Brutality brew not by oppressor, but by remaining silent on oppression, Instead of being silent, Kamal asked people to raise voice against it, then see how Allah will help them.

Yazid had apparently won the battle of Karbala 1400 years ago, but today nobody want to associate himself with Yazid, while everyone loves Imam Hussain RA. Remember, success is never achieved without struggle, The PPP is oppressing Sindh and it’s capital Karachi-the economic engine of the country; people must sacrifice their one day on January 30 to end the PPP’s oppression. “I want to give your generations a better future,” he said

He asked the government to  eliminate the Local Government System of 2021 and restore the Local Government System of 2001 with more Powers and that too after deliberations with the stakeholders. Also, make three constitutional amendments so that terrorism can be eradicated from this country. Our formula will solve the problems of not just one city but every region of Pakistan.

He expressed these views while addressing a workers meeting of District West which was held in connection with the 30 January march which will take place from Tibet Center to the Chief Minister’s House against the Sindh Local Government Act.

Condemning in the strongest terms the Rs 3 per liter increase in petrol price, Mustafa Kamal said that incompetent, failed and fabulist rulers who had promised to commit suicide before taking loan from IMF before the 2018 elections, has now sold Pakistan to IMF. Instead of eradicating poverty, the government eradicating is the poor by constantly raising the prices of petroleum products.

PSP President Anis Kaim khani, Vice Chairman Syed Hafeezuddin, Secretary Finance Shakir Ali, District West President Saifuddin Khalid and other district officials were also present on the occasion.

Kamal further said that the quota system was implemented by the bigwigs of PPP, but their descendants are not giving even 40% quota allocated for the urban Sindh. PPP is recruiting people of Sindh from other districts on urban Sindh’s quota by making fake domiciles of its workers. He said that PPP claimed to have spent Rs. 10242 billion, but Sindh has become worst province to live. While I spent Rs 300 billion, and Karachi became one of the 12 fastest growing cities in the world.

This proves that the issues is not of resources but of character.

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