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PTI and MQM trying to throw dust in Nation eyes; Syed Mustafa Kamal


Pak Sarzameen Party chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Saturday said that over 50 MPAs of PTI and MQM instead of tearing down the copies of the Local Government Amendment Act 2021, would have staged sit-in at the assembly floor and not called it off, the PPP led provincial government would not dare to pass this black law.

By approving Karachi’s controversial census and implementing the quota system for life, both PTI and MQM in the federation have stabbed Karachi in the back with a poisoned dagger. But now they are trying to throw dust in the eyes of the nation by protesting in front of the media.

The people of Karachi will no longer fall for their false words. The capable, hardworking and credible leadership of PSP is striving to end the rule of tyrant rulers of Sindh.

We will liberate the entire Sindh from PPP terrorism and prove that the issue is not one of authority but of character. Through the new Local Government Amendment Act, the PPP wants strangulation of Pakistan’s economic lifeline. PPP wants to paralyze Karachi economically and socially. With PSP standing as an iron wall, PPP cannot harm Pakistan. We have stood firm against the pharaohs of the past, we are standing against the pharaohism of the PPP. I urge the people of Karachi to join us for a single day on January 30, we will get their rights.

The tyrant rulers of the PPP will came to know that when the brave, capable and credible leadership stand in front them on January 30 along with a storm of masses, they will be left with no choice but to grant rights to the oppressed masses.

He expressed these views while addressing the District Central Workers’ meeting which was held in connection with the January 30, 2022 March towards the Chief Minister’s House against the PPP’s Black Local Government, Amendment Act at Pakistan House.

President PSP Anis Kaim Khani and other office bearers were also present on this occasion.

Mustafa Kamal further said that apart from not supplying an additional single drop of water for thirteen years, the PPP has been making illegal hydrants on the water lines and selling Karachi’s rightful water to the people of Karachi. There is no one to talk about population counting of less than seven million.

The quota system was implemented by the bigwigs of PPP, but their descendants are not giving even 40% quota allocated for the urban Sindh. PPP is recruiting people of Sindh from other districts on urban Sindh’s quota by making fake domiciles of its workers. He said that PPP claimed to have spent Rs. 10242 billion, but Sindh has become worst province to live.

While I spent Rs 300 billion, and Karachi became one of the 12 fastest growing cities in the world. The situation in Pakistan is changing every moment, today the winners are disgraced and the winning parties are in disarray. Alhamdulillah, despite our defeat in last elections, we emerged as stronger and united than ever.

District Central President and Member National Council Abdullah Sheikh also addressed the gathering.

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