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MQM Pakistan Rabita Committee expresses concern over rising street crimes 


MQM Pakistan Rabita Committee, in a press statement issued on Thursday expressed deep concern over the rapidly rising street crimes in Karachi, said that the PPP-biased Sindh government has handed over the citizens to street criminals and now the situation has become so serious that During the siege, snatching robbers have resorted to firing and killing, but the racist government has been limited to verbal claims and statements, even elderly, women, youth and children have not been spared by the snatchers.

The Rabita committee in a press statement further said that how long will the Sindh government remain in a state of dreamlessness? In the same way, street criminals have been given free rein to commit robberies, which has turned Karachi, once known as the city of lights, into a city of darkness and fear.

The Rabita Committee urged Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and senior officials to conduct a high-level inquiry into the causes of the rising street crimes and bring the culprits behind bars so that the underlying factors behind the incidents of peddling come to light and the atmosphere of fear and panic in the hearts of the people of Karachi could end

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