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Manzoor Wassan rejects allegation of smuggling urea fertilizer



Manzoor Hussain Wassan denies federal government allegations against Sindh for smuggling urea fertilizer from Sindh to Afghanistan

How the federation is giving subsidy of Rs 400 billion to the farmers of the country when there is no urea fertilizer, Agriculture Advisor said.

Agriculture Adviser Manzoor Wassan, in response to the federal government’s allegations, said that if the Imran government’s incompetence persists, there could be severe food shortages in the country. For the first time in history, Federal Minister Hamad Azhar introduced his own quota of urea fertilizer Millions of bags of urea fertilizer jumped into favorite ATMs.

Manzoor Wassan further said that after the wheat, sugar, gas crisis, traditionally, this accusation was also leveled against the Sindh government. The Federal government is not giving due share of Urea fertilizer alike NFC award. Any body could apprehend the federal government that border of Afghanistan is not linked with Sindh Province.

Agriculture adviser said that urea fertilizer is being smuggled to Afghanistan through Balochistan and KP. The federation should not hide its incompetence. No body but Federal government is directly involved in smuggling of Urea fertilizer.

Manzoor Wasan said that fertilizer companies are under control of the Ministry of Industry, Sindh is not even provided data of urea fertilizer, Sindh government has set up check posts at the borders to stop smuggling, but the federation is not cooperating. Rains have saved the wheat crop from being destroyed, Sindh has met the target of cultivating wheat on 1.9 million hectares.

Manzoor Wasan said that they also reject the federal claim of subsidy of Rs 400 billion to farmers on urea fertilizer. If urea fertilizer is not received on time, then wheat crisis may arise. If there is no shortage of urea fertilizer in the country, then why it is being imported from abroad.

Manzoor Wassan asked the federal government that if 25000 tons of urea fertilizer is being produced daily in the country, then why farmers are not getting it? On the request of Hamad Azhar Sindh has not given due share while quota of Punjab was given in excess.

He said that Imran government is saying that there is sufficient stock of urea fertilizer. Where is that stock gone? Why farmers are not getting it? There is fear.

Manzoor Wassan said that since the coming of Imran government, people have been humiliated in the lines, sometimes lines for flour, sometimes lines for petrol, sometimes lines for sugar and now lines for fertilizer.

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