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Rain emergency declared in DMC East ;Rahmatullah Sheikh


Administrator D.M.C East Rahmatullah Sheikh and Municipal Commissioner Fahim Khan have declared a rain emergency in d.m.c east in view of the expected rains and directed the concerned officers and staff to ensure drainage as soon as after rain.

In addition to ensuring your availability to carry out the work, ensure all possible measures for drainage at the points where water accumulates in this connection also make the use of manpower and machinery to keep the roads running smoothly in rainy season of winter.

Departments should be ready to play their role to avoid any inconvenience,No negligence should be shown in the rainy season otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against them. 

A meeting has been convened on Monday, January 3 in the presidency of M.C Fahim khan, in which arrangements for dealing with the expected rains will be finalized.

Meanwhile Administrator d.m.c east Rahmatullah Sheikh ordered to S.E civil works Salman Memon to monitor the conditions of drains and make sure the cleaning of it before rain while those drains which are in the range of K.M.C and not cleared yet therefore informed K.M.C for cleaning.

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