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PSP to march towards CM Sindh House against Local Government Amendment Act


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has announced that a march against the PPP’s Black Local Government Amendment Act would be held on Sunday, January 30, 2022 at the Chief Minister’s House.

There will be no more speeches. Now either we will remain or the corrupt tyrants and bigoted rulers of Sindh. Bilawal Bhutto is addicted to breaking up the country like his elders. In the city, those who used to create rifts and clashes among brothers have been eliminated, so today Mustafa Kamal is not alone but millions of Mustafa Kamals are there.

The Chief Minister is not hearing our voice from far, so we will go straight to the gate of the Chief Minister’s House and return only after getting rights to the people of Sindh.Inshallah, the PSP’s march on January 30 will be a prelude to revolution all over Pakistan.

The people of Karachi will now have to fight not only for themselves but also for the children, mothers, daughters, sisters and youth of Sindh. The war against the oppressive and bigoted rulers of Sindh will start from Karachi, the capital of Sindh.

On Sunday, January 30, 2022, the whole of Karachi has to gather at the Tibet Center not only for itself but for all and to march towards the Chief Minister’s House. Now it is up to us and our children to let our children die in the slavery of Bilawal Zardari or to live a life of honor. We accept the death of honor, not the life of slavery. We were not afraid even when we were alone. Today there are millions of Mustafa Kamals. For the rights of the people, Mustafa Kamal is not alone today.

The people of Karachi are with us. Workers knock on the door of each house, if the nation leaves the house one day, many generations will live in peace. Anyone who stays in their home on January 30 is a tyrant.

The PPP’s black local government law is not a problem of any one sect, nationality or community, it is a problem of all human beings. Pak Sarzameen Party workers are patriotic law abiding people. We will not do anything that will give the PPP any chance to waste our struggle.

The youth of the city have changed their course. Despite repeated calls against the country by the agents of RAW, the youth have not looked back at them. On March 3, 2022, we will have completed 6 years.7 of our comrades were martyred, we did not even ask for revenge from their killers, we did not take up arms before and we will not take up arms now. Although 99% Sindhi brothers are with PSP, but PPP is not the representative party of Sindhis but the killer party of Sindhis.

We will never say that the Sindhis oppressed the immigrants but we will always say that the PPP is oppressing the muhajir because the PPP wants someone to strengthen their language politics by putting up their language card, language slogan. The child from Larkana who died after being bitten by a dog was a Sindhi. The children who died of starvation in Thar are Sindhi.

The PPP has snatched hope from the people for betterment. They consider it their destiny. He expressed these views while addressing a grand General Workers’ Meeting of Pak Sarzameen Party at Noor Ground, PECHS. President PSP Anis Qaim Khani and other key officials were also present on the occasion. Mustafa Kamal further said that despite spending Rs 10242 billion in the last thirteen years, the PPP has not given a new drop of water to the economic engine of Pakistan but what used to come is now being sold by making hydrants

No new school, hospital was built, while I spent 300 billion Karachi it ranked among the 12 fastest growing cities in the world.Because the issue is not one of authority but of character. PSP is the only political party in Pakistan which is offering a workable solution to all the problems of Pakistan.

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