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Pakistan is 4th Most Expensive Country ;Shazia Marri



Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has issued a white paper on three-year performance of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government in comparison with the previous governments hereon today at Sindh Assembly building at Karachi.

PPP-P’s Central Information Secretary Shazia Marri while holding joint press conference alongwith Spokesperson of Sindh government Murtaza Wahah has said that PTI’s government came into the power through chanting the slogan of “change” but it has brought destruction almost in every sector of the country and today we are presenting a white paper on the three-year performance of incumbent government and termed it as ” Tabdeli Nahi, Tabahi” (not change but destruction).

Ms Marri said that it has been 40 months and 1232 days since the PTI government came into power but the government has caused destruction and havoc in every sector of the country and Imran Khan & his team have destroyed the economy of the country and blamed it is because of the wave of coronavirus while Pakistan had ranked fourth most expensive country in the world.

She added that the current inflation rate of the country has reached at 11.5 percent and Pakistan is declared most expensive country in South Asia.

PTI government while coming in the power fired thousands of people from their jobs and more than 6.6 million people are unemployed currently in Pakistan.

In the province of Sindh PPP has the government and the unemployment rate is 4% while Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been ruled by ruling party PTI for nine years but there is the highest unemployment rate in the country which is about 10.3 percent.

Every Pakistani has a debt of about Rs 2 lacs and circular debt has been reached at about ً2.3 trillion rupees.

She informed that the country’s trade deficit has reached at 30.7 percent while 17 percent new taxes have been levied on milk, jewelery, electric vehicles, solar panels and other essential items in the mini budget while Imran Khan had falsely claimed that he would eradicate corruption in 19 days and terrorism and extremism in 90 days but corruption has not been eradicated from the country however Imran Khan is strengthening terrorism and extremism in the country.

Imran Khan himself is the biggest lawyer and supporter of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

She said that the condition of the health sector in the country is worst nowdays and health card is nothing only a drama to play with poor people sentiments and the prices of medicines have also been increased by five hundred percent.

While talking on foreign funding case, she said that Imran Khan had organized events in the name of Shaukat Khanum Hospital in the different foreign countries and collected cheques from foreigners in the name of his political party PTI.

Imran Khan had vowed for a small cabinet but his cabinet is consist on more than 47 ministers.

She said that PTI government has made a draft of National Security Policy which has not been brought in the parliament for the discussion and even didn’t take in confidence to all stackholders and opposition parties which is illegal act of the government and incapable government of PTI had created severe crisises of wheat and sugar in the country and today farmers are much worried and tense because of the shortage of urea fertilizer in the country.

She added that PTI government’s members even did embezzlement of Rs 40 billion in coronavirus funds.

On this occasion, spokesperson of Sindh government, administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab said that when Imran Khan had took over the power, at that time the value of dollar was approximately 121 in July 2018 and now it has been jumped to more than 190 rupees while the rate of sugar was Rs 55 per kg now it has touched near Rs 100 per kg.

He added that PTI’s federal government exported 1.1 million tonnes of sugar with the approval of Prime Minister Imran Khan which led to the sugar crisis in the country and
petrol was sold at Rs 88 per liter in 2018 but now it is more than Rs 145 while external debts increased by 12billion dollars which will have to be borne by the poor masses.

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