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Mustafa Kamal terms Mini Budget Anti-public


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Friday declared the mini budget as anti-public and anti-Pakistan move, which on one hand has bound the nation in the worst chains of slavery of IMF while on the other hand compelled the oppressed, hunger striken, inflation hit and unemployed public to become tools of Pakistan’s enemy agents.

The rulers are creating tomorrow’s terrorists today. He said 220 million people will not commit suicide. If even pinch of one percent of them take up arms, then the situation will get out of control. As a result of this mini budget, Unemployment and crimes will increase exponentially.

Claimants of 10 million jobs are making millions unemployed. The people are also being deprived of their one-time meal. In the mini-budget, where the incompetent and corrupt rulers imposed 17% general sales tax on 144 basic necessities at the behest of the IMF, the apathetic and tyrannical rulers did not even spared milk for infants and medicines for the sick. The common man is deeply disappointed. The country cannot run like this anymore. The government has failed miserably. He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of the members of the Central Executive Committee and National Council at Pakistan House. He further said that tax on raw materials would further jam the economic wheel.

The world is providing cheap communication to its people to facilitate business while mobile phone calls will be 5% more expensive here. With 17% GST on raw materials of medicines, medicines which have already expensive in this government, will now become more expensive.

Raising taxes on bakery-baked bread products, daily necessities like yogurt, cheese, butter, cream, ghee, milk and cream from 10 per cent to 17 per cent will drastically increase poverty and unemployment.

Taxes on iodized salt, uncooked poultry items and even cotton seeds will severely damage the country’s industry.

Imposition of 17% tax on goods imported or donated by federal and provincial hospitals will also deprive the nation of medical treatment. 17% tax on silver and gold will destroy goldsmiths.

If Pakistanis abroad send anything for the use of their families, it is also taxed. Personal wear and genuine goods imported by tourists will also be taxed.

Modern technologies, including personal computers, laptop computers, notebooks, which are vital to the country’s development, have also been taxed and now out of the reach of the middle class.

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