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Peace and Goodwill to all in Pakistan and elsewhere, Archbishop Joseph Arshad  


As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25, the Archbishop Dr Joseph Arshad wants people to contribute in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan praying that may peace, love and hope prevail in our beloved country.

“The celebration of Christmas keeps before us how the Lord chose to enter into our hearts, families and world to bring about the healing of wounds, the forgiveness of sins and the reconciliation of relationships. I pray especially for our beloved country that peace, love and hope may prevail in our society and we all may together contribute to the progress and prosperity of Pakistan,” he said in a statement issued here.

The Archbishop wants people to spread the blessings of God among each other as Christmas brings us the message of joy, peace, love and hope. “The great joy of Christmas brings us the message of joy, peace, love, and hope. As we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ on this special Day, we see around us lights and decorations, hear carols and greetings and experience a general feeling of merriment among people.

The angels’ carol of Glory to God in heaven and peace to people on Earth still rings true today,” he said. He said Christmas was a time for coming together to celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus. “As we celebrate Christmas, we are thankful for the gift of faith, a gift of ‘good news’ that opens up for us the beautiful message of this holy season. The best Christmas gift we can give each other is to share our faith with loved ones and strangers alike, proclaiming the joyous tidings that ‘God is with us.’

We should also reach out to one another with all the blessings God has given us, especially the gift of peace.” Archbishop Joseph Arshad said our world, our country and our homes were often witnesses to violence, hatred, prejudice, insecurity and fear. “Christmas is a time for us to counter these ills by loving each other as deeply as God loved us by sending us His son.

We wish peace and good will to all in Pakistan and elsewhere.” “In the spirit of Christmas, we lift up all endeavors to the transforming divine grace that has brought about salvation in and through Jesus Christ. Together, as members of the Body of Christ, may we seek to draw ever closer to God and one another through the means of accompaniment, dialogue, discernment and encounter as disciples.

The Archbishop said we must not allow failure of a few to overshadow the incredible witness of so many in the various ministries and services of the Church through education, health care, social work and especially by helping the poor and the needy of our society. “I wish all a very blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year,” he said.

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