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PSP to stage protest in front of CM Sindh House



The oppressed, yet emotionally charged Karachiites are set to stage a historic protest demonstration in front of the Sindh Chief Minister House on the every beginning of the New Year- 2022, as the Chairman PSP Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said to announce a revolution call against the PPP-led oppressive status quo on January 2, 2022.

Either hell comes, or heavy waters, we will not let the tyrant rulers to further oppress the voiceless masses. It has been decided that either rights will be granted to the oppressed ones, or death will be embraced. We will not let the chanters of Pakistan na khappay to further break Pakistan, we will not let the emergence of yet another East Pakistan. We are loyal to the state, and we will protect the remaining integrity, unity and stability of Pakistan to our last breath.

The voice of the oppressed is not being heard by the tyrant rulers. The arrogant Chief Minister of Sindh who insulted Karachites by boasting about PPP majority will very soon witness a storm of nobel men and women protesters outside his House, and they will let him know about the real head counts of Karachi, the mega city and revenue engine of Pakistan.

We will announce the revolution day on January 2, 2022. We have nothing to lose, now it’s either you or us, Kamal warned. When nobel people stand up for their rights, no one is more dangerous than them.

The PPP, which has been chanting the slogan “Pakistan na Khapey”, is turning the patriotic people against the state. We will not let the PPP to break the rest of Pakistan.

The Oxford-educated fudal Bilawal Zardari is more corrupt and brutal than his forefathers, Oxford education did not affect the fudal mindset of Bilawal Zardari.

We need control of our water not just water, we need administrative control of our roads, not availability of roads, we need administrative control of our transport department, not mere transport facilities, and we need authority of our hospitals and educational institutions, not the availability hospitals and educational institutions. Now the rulers have to devolve powers to all the villages and goths of Pakistan.

If institutions don’t take the grim issue seriously, there will be ethnic riots on city’s water lines. When the so-called democracy of PPP is toppled, they run toward the policymakers of USA and Britain and cry for their support in the name of democracy. Do PPP leaders inform USA and Britain about the fact that the Chief Minister of Sindh is in charge of garbage collection, hospitals, roads and water. “Certainly not.” If they speak the truth, USA and Britain will insult them and throw such democracy on their faces.

For the past seventy years a Sindhi has been the Chief Minister of Sindh and a Baloch has been the CM of Balochistan but when it comes to giving rights, they say that Punjab, the Establishment and the Federation are snatching the rights of minor provinces. The Rs10242 billion that successive PPP provincial governments received from the federation under NFC, first must now give an account of it, Kamal asked the Sindh CM. Now is the final battle, after that from Karachi to Kashmore, the rights of the oppressed will be granted at any cost. PPP is working against the country. Today was the last protest of its kind. This is Mustafa Kamal who will take lead, will receive the bullet in his chest first and will not let killed youth of Karachi by sitting in London. Now either we will get rights or welcome death. He said standing up against oppression is jihad and this is our religious duty. He expressed these views while addressing thousand of protesters at Hassan Square against the new Black Local Government Amendment Act. President PSP Anis Qaim Khani and other central officials were also present on the occasion. He further said PPP is habitual of MQM – a party which used to surrender on a phone call of Rehman Malik. The MQM, the champion of the strikes, did not hold a single protest against the snatching of all powers and resources. Today, there is no Rehman Malik, no MQM. Today its PSP which is fighting the case of Karachi. Due to PSP’s message of love and coexistence, the

clashes among Sindhis, Muhajirs and Punjabis became a past story as the people of this city no longer fight on the basis of language. Today from Kashmore, Thar, Larkana, Hyderabad to Karachi and its islands are united under the PSP flag.This is our fifth protest against the tyrant rulers. We had earlier warned the tyrant rulers that we are standing on the sidewalk, when we take to the road, you will know what resistance mean. Today we are on the roads. O’ movers and shakers of Pakistan, we live in this country, we are the guardians of Pakistan, give us our authority, stop my children from committing suicide. Gas is cut off in this country, millions of homes have no gas, people do not have enough money to eat from hotels.

People stay hungry from morning till night, this is how people live in this country.This is Karachi which is running the country. Today I have to decide that we will not bring mothers and sisters on the road every day.

The tyrant ruler is not listening to us, the Chief Minister is not hearing our voice from here.

I called on the state institutions and courts that the PPP is making tomorrow’s terrorists today. Thirty million people will not commit suicide from the third floor of the shopping malls.Then when the youth will stand up, the PPP will call the state institutions and kill them. He asked for abolishment of the local government system of 2021 and restore 2001 with more powers. Kamal also demanded for making three constitutional amendments to end terrorism from the country.

Addressing the participants on the occasion, Vice Chairman PSP Dr. Arshad Vohra said that the manner in which the PPP has passed the law in the Assembly has proved that the opposition and treasury benches in the Assembly are alike and are two sides of the same coin. Even our child, when he buys a biscuit of Rs. 20, he also pays tax of Rs. 2.5 to the government. The rulers will have to account for our hard earned money. Secretary General PSP Hassan Sabir said that we will take all possible steps to force PPP government to withdraw this black law.The bad days of those who chant ‘Pakistan Na Khappy’ have just begin. He said that today’s protest was showing that Mustafa Kamal is the name of character, vision, credibility and performance. It’s the fear of Mustafa Kamal, that compelled PPP to adapt the black law. Central Joint Secretary Naila Latif said that Karachi is ours. Karachi belongs to Mustafa Kamal, PPP can’t rob our house.

Those who remain silent should understand that PPP will not let them live in their homes. Member National Council Farhan Ansari said that the people of District East today stood against the black law of PPP. Today, all language speakers in PSP District East have stood up against the tyranny of PPP.

Thousands of women, children, youth and the elderly took part in the protest. Slogans echoed as “Go Zardari Go,” Muk Gaya Tera Show Zardari Go Zardari Go Zardari.

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