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PSP holds protest rally at DC Office Korangi, rejects newly introduced Local Govt amendment bill


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Party Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday asked those who run the state to listen the genuine and constitutional demands and concerns of the people today and stop PPP from oppression of Karachiites, otherwise “neither I will stop tomorrow, nor will listen to you. Don’t make phone calls then by saying Mustafa Bhai what have u done.

We are loyal to the state, not to the PPP government. PPP is pushing my nation against the wall, if it kills them, then I do not guarantee anyone else’s life, If we die, then these tyrant rulers will not stay safe too because we cannot see our children die one by one. If we decide, the rulers will find no place to hide. Today only Korangi is protesting. If we call Karachi then we will not call off the protest without getting our rights.

PPP’s Sindh government is a democratic terrorist, it is making tomorrow’s terrorists today.

The state should stop PPP, if the state does not stop the PPP, then tomorrow, I will stand with those whom you will come to arrest and kill.

This is not Occupied Kashmir, Karachi, the city that runs Pakistan and earns 70% revenue to the national kitty, is begging for its due rights from provincial and federal government.

It demands the right of its drinking water, garbage collection, hospitals, parks, street lighting system to its elected local government representatives under the law.

“O’ you who run Pakistan, which of the aforementioned demands is illegal or unconstitutional? We want the authority from the provincial chief minister. We do not accept the local government system of 2013 and 2021. Also, give more powers to Karachi by further amending the law of 2001.

Today, Bilawal Zardari is disgusted with us, because he has a habit of corrupt MQM which used to surrender on a phone call from Rehman Malik like individual. The PPP knows that we are not going to bow down.

Today we do not have a councilor but the tyrant rulers are afraid because they know that Mustafa Kamal can neither be put under pressure nor can be bought. Today, the ordinary people are leaving their homes and standing under the open sky on the streets of the city that nurtures Pakistan.

The biggest problem for the PPP today is that it used to do politics on the basis of language but today it has lost sleep bcause PSP owns Pakhtuns of Sohrab Goth, Balochs of Lyari and Sindhis of Korangi.

We have eliminated 25 year occupation of RAW from this city so PPP don’t stand a chance. We have nothing to lose, we will fight the oppressors.

In the last 13 years, the federation has given Rs. 10242 billion to the PPP government of Sindh for my farmers and youth.

Today, Sindh is not a place for human beings to live. The whole of Pakistan remembers my Rs 300 billion work, while the Sindh government got Rs 10242 billion but their spending is not visible on the ground as the entire province pose a pathetic look.

“O’ rulers of Sindh, stop fooling the masses, how can you blame Punjab and establishment when you got the lion’s share of these financial resources, it’s you who are corrupt” Kamal said. The enemies of Pakistan are the four chief ministers, especially the chief minister of Sindh. This Sindh is not the dynasty of Asif Ali Zardari. When the Chief Minister says that the decision of Karachi will be taken by the Minister from Ghotki, then the Prime Minister of Sindh should take actions on the policies of Sindh.

This is not the first time that the local government system has been robbed. The MQM has been in government with the PPP till 2019 and today we would not have seen this day had the protesting party MQM protested at that time. We were not robbed by thieves rather by our watchdog. MQM has looted this city along with thieves.

If we had MPAs, they would not walk out like MQM and PTI, they would sit in the floor of Assembly, sleep there but they would not allow this bill to pass. Since corrupt MQM and PTI secretly get their contract files signed by the Chief Minister so they can’t stand before the CM courageously.

He expressed these views while addressing a protest rally in front of the DC office against the Local Government Amendment Act under PSP District Korangi. President PSP Anis Kaim Khani and other central officials were also present on the occasion. He further said that PSP has proposed 3 constitutional amendments, the first amendment is that the powers and departments of the mayor like the prime minister and chief ministers should be written in the constitution, the second amendment is to make PFC mandatory with NFC.

The 3rd constitutional amendment is, the ections to the Provincial and National Assemblies will not take place unless there is a local elected government. By doing so, no party will be able to appointment a controversial administrator. He said no party is offering solution to Pakistan’s problems, except PSP.

It will not harm anyone but it will strengthen Pakistan and end terrorism. We are talking about getting the whole of Pakistan out of trouble.

The money being given to MNAs and MPAs is unconstitutional. The existing Democracy in Pakistan is fraudulent one. He said If the PPP government is removed in an unconstitutional manner, the people will distribute sweets all over Sindh, tomorrow.

He said that young Wasif was killed by Sindh political police yesterday. As long as the PPP is in power, our children will continue to die one by one and we will continue to wait for one tragedy after another.

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