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Rs.17.2m embezzlement in purchase of medicine unearthed in SESSI


A sum of Rupees 17,230,570 (Seventeen Million two hundred thirty thousand five hundred and seventy rupees) alleged embezzlement revealed in purchasing cancer and local medicines for KVSS (Kulsoom Bai Valika Social Security) SITE Hospital of SESSI (Sindh Employees Social Security Institution) by the then Medical Superintendent Dr. Mumtaz Ali Shaikh.

It was revealed that, The constituted enquiry committee of department in its interim and final report shows the embezzlement misappropriated Social Security funds amounting to Rupees 17,230,570.

However, in light of the recommendation of enquiry report Dr. Mumtaz has been suspended by SESSI from the post of Chief Medical Officer SESSI Landhi Circle and directed to report to Commissioner Secretariat, SESSI Head Office immediately.

A final show cause notice has been served by Asghar Ali Ghanghro Vice Commissioner/Commissioner Competent Authority SESSI on 14th December 2021 to Dr. Mumtaz Ali Shaikh Ex Medical Superintendent KVSS Site Hospital who was presently posted as Chief Medical Officer SESSI Landhi Circle.

It was mentioned in a final show cause notice that the show cause notice served to him on 3rd November 2021, whose reply was found unsatisfactory, unconvincing, totally irrelevant and misleading.

Moreover, it was mentioned in a notice that Ex-MS KVSS SITE Hospital admitted in reply of show cause notice that an amount of 3,108,060 (Three Million One Hundred and Eight Thousand Sixty Rupees) voluntary returned through M/s. M.A Traders (local supplier of medicines for KVSS SITE Hospital) against the higher prices of cancer medicines were charged.

It was learned that according to SESSI Final Show cause notice the said person had also violated SPPRA rules , as he did not call three quotations from different local suppliers of medicines for the best evaluated and competitive rates which caused a huge loss of Social Security Funds due to irrational local purchases made by KVSS SITE Hospital during the financial year 2020-2021.

The Department in a final show cause notice to Ex-MS KVSS SITE Hospital has given 14 days time for reply and warned for the removal of service as per rules in case of failure in submission of reply.  

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