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Peace and Education Foundation expresses grief over gruesome incident, Solidarity with Sri Lankan people


Peace and Education Foundation (PEF) on Thursday vowed to ensure that all culprits involved in the lynching of Sri Lankan citizen Diyawadanage Don Nandasri Priyantha would be brought to justice.

Priyantha Kumara, a 49-year-old Sri Lankan factory manager, was lynched by a mob comprising hundreds of protesters, including the employees of the factory he was the manager of, on December 3. The mob had tortured him to death and later burnt his body.

The promise was made as the religious and peace leaders addressed a press conference.

Religious leaders and community peace leaders from all sects and religions, led by PEF offered their condolences over the gruesome murder of Priyantha in Sialkot.

The scholars said their press conference was to express grief over the unfortunate incident and encourage global peace leaders and representatives of harmony to come forward as the issue could be dealt with justly.

PTI MNA Aftab Jahangir said he is satisfied with the measures taken by the Government of Pakistan in dealing with the issue. Prime Minister Imran Khan had termed it a day of shame for Pakistan.

He also said that it is not just a responsibility of Pakistan’s government to bring culprits involved in lynching of Sri Lankan citizen to justice, but ulema; religious scholars should address in their teachings to understand human rights and rule of law. ‘It is violation of the Constitution of Pakistan and Islamic laws, which caused great humiliation to the country.

The incident has shaken the entire nation to its core,” Bishop Khadim Bhutto said in his address.

He expressed solidarity with the Sri Lankan people on behalf of the religious scholars of Pakistan, saying that they equally share the other side’s grief.

Bishop said Priyantha’s family would also be compensated for their loss, “Even though there can be no real compensation [for the loss of a life].”

Bishop also requested (via telephonic conversation) Pastor Pirbhu Dev to convey their heartfelt condolences to the people and government of Sri Lanka.

Religious Leader, Allama Abdul Khalique Fareedi said the religious scholars of Pakistan will play their role in bringing the culprits to justice. Such violent vigilante behaviour should be condemned vigororously, and an entire nation should not be judged because of the actions of a “small proportion of the population”.

PEF Project Manager, Haseeb Iqbal said action will be taken on the incident in line with the laws of Pakistan. “No amount of condemnation of the Sialkot incident is enough. We are with Priyantha’s family,” He added.

Abid Raza Irfani, Dr Kewal Aswani, Mukhi Aalam Chand, Pandit Vithal Mahraj and Sardar Amar Singh were also there and expressed deep sorrow and requested to civil society and change agents to include peace, harmony and tolerance in their activities.

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