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Gas disconnection will destroy industries, SMEs: NKATI



Faisal Moiz Khan, President, North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI), while expressing deep concern over the gas disconnect of non-export, general industries, has demanded the government to continue gas supply with required pressure to industries.

In a statement, Faisal Moiz Khan said that Karachi should not be punished for paying 54% of the country’s exports and 70% of its revenue. If SSGC disconnects the gas supply to non-export, general industries then factories will be locked and the SME sector will be destroyed.

“Karachi has always played a vital role in the development of the country and is still playing a positive role in spite of all difficulties, be it for strengthening the national economy or promoting exports and providing vast employment opportunities”, he added.

He raised the question of where is the wisdom to shut off the gas of ordinary industries? The SSGC has no authority to disconnect industrial gas. On the contrary, the government should help the industries to survive in the corona economy so that the country can get back on its feet economically.

NKATI president further said that where is the justice for Sindh not getting gas? Sindh has the first right to the gas reserves of Sindh. Therefore, first of all, while fulfilling the gas needs of the people of the province, gas should be supplied to all industries with full pressure without any discrimination and then the remaining gas to be given other provinces.

Faisal Moiz Khan stated that the industrial community would not tolerate this injustice under any circumstances. The government should stop discriminating against Karachi and the resources of the province should be utilized to meet the needs of the province.

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