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CRA Annual Elections; Rao Imran elected as President & Taha Ubaidi as General Secretary


Crime Reporters Association (CRA) annual election held on Saturday at Karachi Press Club in which Rao Imran Ashfaq elected as President and Taha Ubaidi as General Secretary of association.

It was learned that two groups of journalists were contesting in this election Journalist Panel and United Panel.

According to newly elected Spokesman of CRA Khurram Gulzar United panel has won 8 out of 12 seats, whereas Journalist panel won 4 seats.
The Four members of Journalists Panel who won CRA election are Rao Imran Candidate of President, Monis Siraj Joint Secretary, Kamran Jalil and Akram Qureshi candidates of Governing Body.

However United Panel Elected members were including Vice President candidate Amir Majeed, General Secretary Taha Ubaidi Information Secretary Khurram Gulzar and Salman Lodhi as Finance Secretary.
Khurram Gulzar stated in a press statement that Fayyaz Younis, Abdul Rehman Farooqui, Salik Shah, Faizan Jalees and Matloob baig elected as Governing Body members of CRA.

Moreover in this election Rao Imran Ashfaq with 103 votes, Amir Majeed with 113 votes, Khurram Gulzar with 108 votes, Faizan Jalees with 117 votes, Fayyaz Younis with 109 votes and Salik Shah with 108 votes won in CRA election with heavy margin of votes.

Moreover Spokesman stated that Elections are the democratic process we were united and we are united.

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