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PPP stages major public demonstration at Empress Market against inflation, unemployment


Pakistan People’s Party on Friday staged a large public demonstration outside Empress Market of Saddar area to protest against the issues of inflation, unemployment, and hike in the prices of gas, electricity, petrol, and other essential commodities in the country.

The PPP organised the protest demonstration on the direction of the party’s Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who had called for agitation all over the country to protest against the incompetence of the present federal government in overcoming major public issues.

The PPP leaders who addressed the participants of the protest demonstration said that their party had launched an agitation drive under the leadership of the PPP Chairman to get rid of the present government that had caused immense miseries to people in the country.

They expressed the resolve to continue with their agitation drive to safeguard the public interests.

The PPP leaders said the People’s Party had always done struggle whenever countrymen had faced problems during dictatorial regimes.

Addressing the demonstrators, PPP Karachi President and Sindh Information and Labour Minister Saeed Ghani said the countrywide protests showed that the masses in the country had been facing immense problems due to the unjust policies of the present government.

He said the present regime should be sent packing in order to overcome the issue of unprecedented hike in the prices of essential products.

He said that they would continue with their protest drive till the time the present selected regime was deposed.

Saeed Ghani said the present government had entered into a secretive deal with the International Monetary Fund to cause a massive hike in the prices of essential products.

He said the masses had been facing severe economic hardships due to unprecedented hike in the prices of petrol, electricity, and natural gas.

He lamented the situation that the opposition politicians in the country were sent to prison after lodging false cases against them but there was no accountability for the incumbent members of the federal cabinet who were responsible for the sugar and wheat crisis in the country.

He said the Prime Minister Imran Khan during the last three years had done nothing at all for the development of Karachi as the people of the city had been deceived in this regard.
He said that Sindh’s due share in the NFC award, water, and natural gas resources of the country had been usurped.

He said the allies of the present federal government who belonged to Karachi had done nothing to register their protest against the issues of hike in prices of electricity and essential products.

PPP Sindh General-Secretary Waqar Mehdi said that the people in the entire country from Gilgit to Karachi had resorted to protest on the appeal of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

He said the people had given their decision that they wanted to get rid of the present government that had caused up to 30 per cent inflation.

He said the issue of price-hike couldn’t be tackled till the time present government remained in power.

He said that country in the past 74 years had not witnessed so much inflation and hike in the prices of essential products.

He said that PM Imran Khan had merely made announcements for Karachi instead of doing anything concrete for the city.
He said the people had realised that an agitation drive had to be launched to send packing the present government.

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