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Sindh Health Dept initiatives lower mortality rate amid COVID-19 ;Azra Fazal Pechuho


Minister for Health and Population Welfare, Sindh, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, held a Press Conference at the Sindh Assembly about the progress being made in the health sector in the province.

Provincial Minister of Sindh for Labour and Information and Human Resources, Saeed Ghani and Secretary Health, Sindh, Zulfiqar Shah were also in attendance.

The Minister stated that there are currently 96 schemes underway in the Annual Development Programme (ADP), with 48 new schemes and 38 schemes that have been completed.

57 billion have been distributed as grants that allow institutes such as NICVD to function and develop new innovations.

Public Private Partnership was another initiative that the Health Department focused on with ChildLife Foundation and PPHI with a signed agreement to work with basic health units (BHU’s). Mother and child healthcare is also an area where the Minister said was paid special attention to.

Community midwives are being trained and utilised to provide a better standard of healthcare to expecting and new mothers across the province in BHUs. This program will also provide immunisation and family planning services.

Working with ChildLife Foundation will allow their services to collaborate with emergency centers at tertiary hospitals throughout Sindh.

At the DOW University Ojha campus; facilities and capacity has been increased notably, with a biochemistry lab doing clinical trials. Medicine from abroad is also being tested at this campus. Liver, bone marrow and renal transplants are being done, here and in SIUT and GIMS. Gamma Knife procedure is also now available at GIMS and DOW.

During the pandemic the Sindh Health Department dedicated several hundreds of beds specifically for covid patients across the province which helped significantly lower mortality rates, Dr. Azra Pechuho said.

Telehealth/telemedicine is another area where the Minister said work is being done so as to ensure a standard of care is maintained in Sindh, regardless of how remote the area. Nurses are also being trained for the same aim.

Teaching hospitals will be asked to attach themselves with district and taluka hospitals and rotate their doctors and students to these facilities, this will improve the ways those hospitals are run.

The Press Conference concluded with a Q & A session with representatives of the media.

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