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Young Doctors Association to Boycott OPD in JPMC


YOUNG DOCTORS ASSOCIATION representative in a press statement stated that, JPMC is astonished and deeply saddened to see such ignorant and careless behavior of Health Dept. Sindh towards Doctors and Nurses of staff of Sindh.

Despite multiple reminders and meetings none of the issues seems to be solved and institutions are left malfunctioned unbothered.

Despite severe shortage of Doctors at JPMC and multiple reminders, not a slight progress has been done in this case, proving the officials to be sleeping very deep.

Covid doctors and Nurses of Sindh served the nation in days of disgrace, many worked without pay as the salariws were usually delayed but they continued to help the nation escape from this pandemic.

Such heroes must be rewarded as per national appreciation, but they are suffering on roads today for regularisation of their services. And yet their voices are unheard in the comforts of luxurious offices.

Post Graduation is basic right of every doctor and was always encouraged in the past, but this new scheme of Health Department has decided to steal this right too, constant ban on deputation has made young doctors subject to do their residencies impossible.

YOUNG DOCTORS ASSOCIATION SINDH has decided to stand firmly against this injustice and deaf ears of Health department.

We will not sit calm and watch our health care workers suffering.

YDA JPMC along with YDA SINDH announce resistance and Bycott !

From tomorrow thursday, Opd bycott will be done and protest will be conducted infront of surgical complex from 9.Am in the morning, till the acceptance of our demands without any negotiation.

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