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Sindh Govt could revert to system of open ballot for electing Mayor if Opposition desires so; Saeed Ghani


Sindh Information and Labour Minister has said the Sindh government could consider the demand of the Opposition in the province to restore the method of “Show of hands” to elect the Karachi’s Mayor instead of using the system of secret ballot for the purpose. 

Speaking at a press conference here on Wednesday, Sindh Information Minister said that it wouldn’t a big deal for the provincial government to switch back to the system of open ballot for electing the Karachi’s Mayor if the Opposition desired so.

He said the Sindh government was still ready to negotiate with the Opposition on the newly passed Sindh Local Government (Amendment) Bill-2021.

He recalled that the Opposition lawmakers had walked out of the session of the Sindh Assembly when the house was ready to consider their amendments to the local government amendment bill.

He advised the Opposition to go through the draft of newly passed bill so to know that the new law hadn’t taken back the municipal powers from anyone as instead it had furthered the process of devolution.

He said the Opposition political parties had been doing politics on the issue of newly passed local government amendment bill just to show their animosity against the People’s Party.

Saeed Ghani said the task of waste disposal was still the responsibility of the local government agencies after passage of the new amendment bill as was in the previous system, as any municipal agency was not bound to contract the services of Sindh Solid Waste Management Board for the purpose.

He said that PPP wouldn’t let the Muttahida Quami Movement or any other political entity related to MQM to do politics in Karachi on the basis of ethnicity.

The Information Minister said that people of Karachi had paid a heavy price of ethnic politics practiced in the past as they wouldn’t let anyone to do the same in future for the sake of peace of the city.

He said that they wouldn’t allow anyone to do ethnic politics on the pretext of the newly passed bill.

He said the MQM had done compromise on the census issue of Karachi while the PPP had remained steadfast for this cause till the last moment.

He advised the MQM leadership to start the process of self-accountability in view of the party’s dismal performance in recent NA-239 by-poll and cantonment elections in Karachi.

He said that people of Karachi had completely rejected the threatening and violent nature of the MQM’s politics that in the past had tarnished peace of the city,

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