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Malir Bar advocates arrange protest rally against the murder of Sindh Bar Council General Secretary


General secretary Sindh Bar Advocate Irfan Mahar killed in target killing at Gulistan Johar by unknown accused here on yesterday.

On the murder of Advocate Irfan Mahar Malir Bar advocates had strike in Malir court and had protest rally from court room till national highway led by former general secretary Abdul Razaq Solangi, general secretary Riaz Bhatti, Sagheer, Riaz Chandio, Rustam Meerani, Shoukat Bhand and others.

Traffic jammed badly due to advocates protest rally and long queue of traffic was on the both side of the road.

On that occasion lead people addressed rally participants and said that advocate Irfan Mahar is killed in target killing so today an advocate has been killed tomorrow an other will be targeted that’s way they consider killing of Irfan Mahar as a killing of all advocate community so they will not remain silent. They said that targeted attack on Irfan Mahar is actually a attack on Sindh Bar. They expressed pity and said that security agencies have not been successful to arrest killers so they understand this a conspiracy to drive advocates into the wall

They said that they will not be tranquil on this matter what may happens and drive a movement throughout Pakistan. They warned that if killers of Irfan Mahar are not arrested then lawyers will come on road and protest till they can not get justice.

They said that Chief Minister Sindh should take notice of Irfan Mahar’s murder soon if not then they understand Sindh government responsible of killing.

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