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Establishing the Student Council, taking its oath and bringing it on the path of discipline; Shahneela Rizwan


Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader,Vice President Azad writers Forum Pakistan, Lions Club International member Shahnila Rizwan Khanzada has said that Smart School College Cantt way Campus has no shortage of online classes even in the days of corona.

The Lions Club and the Independent Writers’ Forum will co-sponsor the Smart School College Cantt way campus administration.
Sindh government and PPP will take all measures for the betterment of education.
He said that the role of teachers is important in good education including training.

Madam Asifa Umbreen and her team have set a record for the best teaching process. Education and extracurricular activities are necessary and institute fix trend to providing these facilities said Vice Principal Asifa Umbereen.

Talent and quality education is the hallmark of the Smart Scholastic Cantt way Campus. Student Councils consisting of Pre-Fact, Monitor, Head Girl, Head Boy, were created for constructive and positive activities and to make Smart School and College unique. We will organize more programs to enhance our educational skills and abilities.

Asifa Embreen, Vice Principal, Smart School and College, said that the best builder of the country, along with the children and their parents, would leave the institution with good education and marks and would brighten the name of their school and country.
Shahnila Rizwan further said that establishment of Student Council, its swearing in and bringing them on the path of discipline, election of officials is the beginning of good traditions.
Madam Asifia Embreen Has been awarded the Distinguished Honor. The services of Tatheer Zehra, Miss Malaika and Smart Administration are commendable.

The Child Awareness Program is a wonderful tradition. Lions Club, Independent Writers Forum and Government of Sindh are by your side. Academic Coordinator Tatheer Zehra said that the best effort and establishment of the council is a good and positive development.

Miss Malaika said the Smart School College Canttway campus education is unique. Shahnila Rizwan and Asfia Umberin administered the oath of office to the council members and they were given special badges.

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