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DUHS employees stages protest for basic allowances and facilities


A large number of employees protested at the Dow University Ojha campus on the very short notice of the Joint Action Committee Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS). 

A Representative of Joint Action Committee stated that, DUHS management is depriving employees from basic allowances and benefits, Employees who have been working for years are deprived of promotions and regularization and efforts are being made to impose promotion policy against the law and regulations.

Whereas new contract employees from parachutes and retirees of other organizations are being rewarded by millions of rupees in terms of salary and other benefits, he added.

Further he said, Frontline health workers serving in the global epidemic are deprived of risk allowance and blue eyed persons are being given special allowances, including risk allowances.

Moreover he told that, Officers have been deliberately deprived of legitimate representation in the Syndicate Committee by violating of the University Act.
While being a medical university, Dow employees are being harassed in the name of medical insurance. Many legitimate demands were discussed with the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and the Director of Finance several times, Some of them made promises on legitimate demands and some of them announced the lack of funds and it was decided how to solve them.

But in this income the employees are being permanently deprived of their legitimate right, promises are not being kept, and constant indifference and lack of seriousness is being shown, he said.

For the past one year, instead of resolving the legitimate demands and problems of the employees, certain elements of the Dow administration have been constantly retaliating against the employees, including the members of the Joint Action Committee for raising the voice of rights, he added.

While protesting Joint Action Committee member said, Five members have been forcibly transferred and Injustice, oppression and harassment were inflicted with many members.
Family and male nursing staff changing rooms are being forcibly vacated, Contract employees were fired in retaliation and Many other tactics were used to stop the struggle for the rights of employees.

In addition he stated that, The Joint Action Committee has started a peaceful protest and legal action for the rights of the employees and it will continue till employees would not get justice.

All employees have full unity and consensus among themselves and fully support the Joint Action Committee, The Joint Action Committee has given a two-day ultimatum to the Dow University administration and hinted to extend the area of the protest, he said.

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