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Fisher Folk Forum organizes rally over climate change at Ibrahim Haidery


A rally organized during conference on climate change on the behalf of Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum where fishermen participated in a great number.

Rally participants chanted slogans against climate change clasping banners and play cards in their hands.

On that occasion Saeed Baloch said addressing rally participants that globe should decide to produce electricity by solar energy instead of coal and other smoky resources.

He said that due to the excess use of corban dioxide destruction is being occurred and cause of that climate demolition is being increased that’s why severe drought, flood and cyclone can be faced due to global warming.

Fatima Majeed said that climate changes have reduced employment opportunities of farmers and fishermen throughout world and world’s major part is suffering from severe poverty and derived from fundamental rights.

She said that similarly laborers, farmers and fishermen are being suffered from stern penury in Pakistan too.

On that occasion Karachi President Abdul Majeed Motani, Secretary Talib Kachhi, Ayoob Shan and others also addressed to rally participants.

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