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People running wadera shahi system influence police and administration ; Alamgir Khan

These people running the Wadera Shahi system would influence the police stations and the administration and start considering human beings as sheep and goats and now if they are not satisfied with hunting animals and birds then they started hunting human beings. Are playing roles. 
These views were expressed by MNA and founder of Fixit Alamgir Khan while protesting against Nazim Jokhio’s injustice at Karachi Press Club.
He said that the law has been toyed with.
He said that they are not considered human beings as human beings.
The fate of Sindh has been broadcast at the hands of this tyrannical system. We are protesting against this destructive system and we are seeing what kind of action is taken in the court. Cooperation happens.
If we see any fear that the Sindh government is becoming a party or using its influence, then we will come to the streets again and protest. In Pakistan, animal organizations can ban hunting animals, but when will law enforcement agencies ban human hunting?
Nazim Jokhio was banned and these young people were unjustly killed because of which I want Nazim Jokhi to be given justice and Wadera Shahi system to be closed and the Wadera Shahi system to be banned for everyone in this country. Be considered equal to all people.

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