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Syed Mustafa Kamal launches party slogan of PSP ‘HUM THEAK KAR DEINGAY’


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal launched the party slogan of PSP ‘HUM THEAK KAR DEINGAY” Blue print to resolve all chronic issues of the country.

He said the political parties though came up with their own slogans, but remained failed to explain what system to be followed in light of those slogans, and no one in the country dared to ask the political parties how they would put their slogans into practice.

Nawaz Sharif-led PMLN is chanting the slogan “Vote KO Izzat do” means vote for PML-N, otherwise there is no respect for the vote.”
PPP snatched everything from the nation and made Sindh PPP personal dynasty by using the slogan of Jiye Bhutto with ‘Roti, Kapra aur Makan’.

The MQM used the slogan of ‘Apnon ka vote Apnu k like’ means if you did not vote for MQM, then MQM don’t consider you as their own, while the PTI used the slogan of Tabdeeli, people start following it without even pondering about how the change will be brought about, Tabdeeli has now turned into a worst nightmarefor the entire country.

The Pak Sarzameen Party is the only political party in Pakistan whose slogan “HUM THEEK KRDEINGAY” which means every word of its slogan as we offer viable solutions to all the country’s problems.

“HUM THEEK KRDEINGAY” because only PSP has the complete blueprint to resolve the lingering problems. The three-time prime ministers are ready to get the fourth term. He posed question as how would the fourth time PM bring about radical changes in the system that has been destroyed by themselves in their previous terms? Nawaz Sharif had mortgaged Sindh to Asif Ali Zardari three times during his Prime Ministership. No one in Pakistan will get a two-thirds majority now.
If we have 10 to15 NA seats from Karachi, and the party with majority seats in the parliament needed our support to get its PM elected, we would not demand ministries, but we would want to make 2 constitutional amendments and support them unconditionally.

Through the first constitutional amendment, we will include the powers of the local government system in the constitution.

PSP will devolve the powers, and resources to local governments from the Prime Minister, and Chief Minister to the UC Chairman level, the public representatives living in your neighborhood can be held responsible, If he doesn’t work, a few days later the people of the neighborhood will gather at his house and could grab him by his collar.

One can’t get hold of the Prime Minister, Chief Minister or Minister, even an Adviser. Hands of the people of the neighborhood will act like the clutches of NAB. With the Second Amendment, we will link PFC with the launch of NFC Award.

These are the real reforms that will move Pakistan towards development and these reforms will come only by vote. With this formula, everything will be fine, the developed countries of the world became developed under this formula. I need the support of the nation.

He expressed these views while addressing a program organized by PSP District East Resident Committee.

He further said that in 13 years PPP led Sindh got Rs10, 242 billion from the federation but today Sindh is the worst place for humans to live.

Not a single model UC in the whole of Sindh, while I spent 300 billion in which all salaries and petrol combined, I almost spent Rs 200 billion on infrastructure and Karachi became one of the four best cities in the world.

The concentration of power, authority and resources is give rise to corruption. If 2,000 people are empowered instead of one man and 10242 billion can be utilized effectively, then everything will be fine. He said that 18 seats are held by the ruling coalition, which has the President, the Prime Minister, the Governor and the ministers but PPP with three seats is controlling Karachi because PTI and MQM are more corrupt than PPP.

Injustices is unprecedented, petrol prices are being raised in wee hours,  but no one is questioning. There is no such thing as health and education in government hospitals, medicine and educational institutions. History has shown that tyrants always wield power, authority and resources.

Aamir Khan joined MQM in 2011 after killing 10,000 muhajir youth and apologized to Altaf Hussain. Since 68% of Pakistan’s youth are born after 1992, they do not know who and how Pakistan’s economic lifeline was destroyed.
In 2012, in order to save its governorship, the MQM handed over the city’s local government system to the PPP. MQM known for strikes did not go on strike when the city was plundered.Those who were dying for listening Hello from Altaf Hussain must understand that the ill deeds of Altaf Hussain promoted them to leave MQM and the country.

When we returned home Hello was in full swing while MQM was at its zenith. When we never felt any fear of hello when we were alone, now millions of people are with us.

We left our children behind and came back to Pakistan to die because the smallest punishment for telling the truth in this city was death at that time. The so-called Muhajir custodians call us the traitors of the Muhajirs because we are not causing Muhajir, Pakhtuns, Sindhis, Balochs and Punjabis rifts and clashes. Because of us, the Shohada’ graveyard was locked. Because of us, MQM’s dirty blood stained politics is over. We will work for Pakhtuns, Sindhis, Punjabis and Balochs to get the rights of the everyone including Muhajirs. Aamir Khan confessed infront of TV seceen to killing the muhajirs, he now acts as a champion of muhajirs rights, “Let those who criticize us for losing elections, must see that we have succeeded, because desperate mothers are with their beloved sons. Their prayers are our profit and reward. We pay thanks to Allah All Mighty that Thy has helped us in attaining this. Today, the peace of this city has been achieved by removing the thorns between the hearts of the nationalities. We have united all nationalities.

We have to unite the nations. Now the people have to play their role and stand by us. Only then God’s help will come.

The event was attended by thousands of District East dignitaries, including their families.

Videos of MQM, its leader Altaf Hussain’s misdeeds, hypocrisy of MQM leaders including national animosity and confession of murder were also shown to the audience. The ceremony was also attended by President Anis Kaim Khani and members of the Central Executive Committee and the National Council.

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