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Security Potential of Ships; Vessel Traffic Management System

By: Ambreen Afzal


Shipping is the major mode of transportation of global businesses, so it is very important to promote efficient and safe operations. If the port is busy then marine traffic will be increased, which will increase the risk of ship collisions, grounding, and sinking due to various factors, consequences all these causes losses of life and property which will affect the environment such as an example of the oil spill.

These all accidents or misshapen adversely affect ecotourism along the coast. Globally, the busiest and commercially operating ports of the world like the Philippines, Singapore, Dubai, Hamburg, etc. have been using the Vessel traffic management system.

However, the Vessel traffic management system or VTMS is playing a vital role to reduce or eliminate maritime accidents or vessel management, it provides dissemination of knowledge to all vessels and stakeholders in the VTS coverage area, vessel traffic organization, and navigational assistance service for the purpose of improving the safety of life at sea.

The potential of a Vessel traffic management system depends on the maintenance of effective radar stations and an automatic identification system or AIS to communicate with fully integrated sensors and subsystems and strategic locations of radar stations from where all vessels and their movement can be detected and tracked and timely share the dissemination of information to the vessels and navigational assistance to ships can be given which further enhances the situational awareness of the shipmaster to navigate their vessels safely and also a step towards the prevention from accidents, which can cause damage to the marine ecosystem and also effects eco-tourism such as oil spills from ships.

In addition, a Vessel traffic management system is a need of time and a modernized technology which increases the potential of ports and kept important to cope with the marine traffic and reduces the risk of mishaps.

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