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PTI leader Samir Mir condemns Sindh Govt mismanagement of Covid Vaccines


PTI Leader Samir Mir Shaikh stated his disappointment in Sindh Government on the Health Department report that 700,000 plus doses of different Covid-19 vaccines have been wasted in Sindh, since the vaccination against the lethal virion started. The amount of vaccines lost due to incompetent handling is way beyond the WHO accepted two percent vaccine wastage, and an incredible blow in this time of vaccine shortage and a pandemic of epic proportions.

According to the Health Department officials primarily the unprofessional attitude of vaccinator towards vaccine and the people and general mishandling caused the loss of vaccines.

However, According to officials of the Sindh Health Department, 220,675 doses of SinoVac, followed by170,675 doses of Sinopharm, 70,876 doses of single dose Pakvac 23,096 doses of Astrazeneca were wasted alongside 10,675 doses of Moderna, 10,178 doses of Pfizer and 85 doses of Sputnik. It is sad that many of these could have used to vaccinate hundreds of thousands more people, he added.

He said that, Every single dose of Covid-19 vaccine that is wasted represents a small failure in Pakistan, where more than half the population is yet to receive a single shot. The Sindh government is wasting thousands of Covid-19 vaccine doses and at least a million jabs are likely to expire by next month.

PTI leader said, Another 850,000 vaccines, if not administered in a timely manner, would expire by December this year. As many as 24,000 doses of the Sputnik vaccine would expire by next month.

The Sindh Government has previously been involved in similar controversies. At the peak of the Covid pandemic, warehouses in Larkana were discovered filled with PPE suits, medicines etc provided by Federal Government, in an effort to create chaos and shortage, and to give the impression that Federal Government was not providing, he added.

Moreover he said that, 6 months ago, a big stock of medicines bearing Sindh government’s stamp was recovered in a police raid on a specified place within the graveyard located near the shrine of Qaim Shah Bukhari in Larkana. The stock was transported using police vans, as investigation later uncovered.

Samir Mir Shaikh stated , Between massive corruption rings, and incompetence of those assigned duties, the Sindh Government is causing immense damage to citizens in every possible way, from stealing their rights to not delivering what is literally handed to them on a plate, from the Federal Government. Every cog in the machinery of PPP is implicit in these crimes against humanity.

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