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Fighting against tuberculosis (TB) Maharaja Sukhram Das and Maharaja Deep Chand Ojha

By: Abdul Rauf Dow OJHA campus Karachi



With the university Road Meteorological Bus Stop turn left to wards suparco Dow hospital old TB centre Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases.
Deep Chand Ojha TB Hospital has now become an international institution.

When it was built, except for a few goths and some gardens, the whole area was forested. From there used to go to Sehwan (Sehwan) which was known as Seohani Wat (route), Safooran Goth was the center from where unpaved roads led to Malir, Memon Goth, Gadap, Manghopir, Landhi and Karachi Bandar. Malir Cantt did not exist when the foundation was laid.

There were no rides to get here, but peace be upon the spirit that set this telling example of service to humanity and carried out the everlasting work that has led to millions of TB cases to this day.

The patients recovered from here, such examples of service to humanity are rare in the world, even in an era when there were no facilities to establish such institutions, but at such a time humanitarian people made the impossible possible.

He set a high example of service to humanity and lit a lamp in the darkness by which his name will remain bright and immortal till the Day of Judgment.

The name of this institute is “Deep Chand T. Ojha Institute”. If its name starts with Roshni Dia (Dave in Sindhi or Dia given in Urdu), the light of this day will never shine.

Maharaja Deep Chand, the founder of this institute. Ojha’s younger brother Sukhram Das was T. Ojha. T is the first letter of the name of his father Tej Bhandas Ojha.

Deep Chand Ojha obtained his BA degree from DG Sindh College Karachi and started his social and political services as an elected member of Karachi Municipality.

Deep Chand (Deep Chand) Ojha was elected councilor in the local body elections of 2012. He was not the vice president of the municipality at that time.

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