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Inspector General Motorway police inaugurates driving license center in Karachi 

The building of the driving license center in Karachi was inaugurated by the IG National Highways and Motorways Police Syed Kaleem Imam.
At this opening ceremony, Additional IG Ghulam Nabi Memon. Additional IG Dr. Amir Sheikh, Additional IG Highways & Motorways south region Javed Meher, Dig Nasir Aftab, Dig Saqib Ismail, Dig Highways & Motorways Fida Mastoi, Additional IG (r) Waliullah ,Dig Highways & Motorways South Zone Ali Sher Jakhrani, Secretary transport Sindh Shariq Jamal, Sector commander 3 Syed farhan, Chief CPLC Zubair Habib including others were present on the occasion.
In the beginning of the ceremony, Additional IG Highways and motorways police south region Javed Maher and DIG motorway police Ali Aher Jakhrani welcomed all the respected guests.
DIG motorway police Ali Sher Jakhrani told the guests about the establishment and performance of the motorway police. In the meantime, he said that about 30,000 people in Pakistan suffer from road accidents on an annual basis, So we have to take concrete steps to reduce these road accidents. This will prove to be an important milestone in the motorway police license center established in Karachi.
On this occasion, the participants of the event appreciated the performance of the motorway police, especially to provide timely help from the motorway police and to make a non-discrimination on road violations.
IG motorway Syed Kaleem Imam said on this occasion Karachi city is counted in mega cities, many vehicles are registered in Karachi on monthly basis. Therefore, in view of this, the motorway police is providing better and easier facilities to the public, and this driving license facilitation center is being founded.
This driving license center will be formally activated after a month, Under which the public will be issued a driving license without any difficulty, to made clean environment, test will be taken regularly from drivers to obtain licenses. The purpose of this type of measure is to protect ourselves and others’ lives and property, therefore a regular standard will be set for obtaining licenses, he added.
Moreover, IG Motorway stated that, Most people in the world use the road for travelling and transportation, Therefore, road safety is an important subject, In order to highlight its importance, motorway police also conducts road safety seminar in universities, colleges and various institutions, due to which about 38 percent of accidents have been reduced this year.
Further he added that the license issued by the motorway police is considered internationally, one of the reasons for which the license have to be issued in a transparent manner.
At the end of the ceremony, a Memorandum of Understanding agreement between highways and motorways and the ESSA laboratory was also signed by Dig motorway police, Ali Sher Jakhrani and Dr. Farah Essa, Under which ESSA laboratory will offer 30 percent discount on many laboratory test in all over Pakistan.

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