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Police accomplice in sale of Gutka, Mawa in Sindh


The Sindh police’s intelligence unit report pointed out the network of manufacturers, suppliers and protectors of Gutka (Smokeless Tobacco) considered top cause for the oral cancer in the province, The district with the most police officers involved in sale of Gutka was District Central Karachi.

Gutka is made of tobacco, betel nut, slaked lime, catechu, and in some cases sweeteners and spices to add flavour and aroma. Mawa is a mixture of thin shavings of betel nut with tobacco flakes and slaked lime. Both the chews damage the membrane of mouth to allow seepage of nicotine in the blood capillaries and numbers of citizens are suffering from oral cancer due Gutka/Mawa use.

According to the report, gutka and mawa is consuming across the Sindh. In this regard, 106 in the Karachi range, 103 places in the Hyderabad range, 76 in the Mirpur Khas range, 15 in the Sukkur range and 12 in the Larkana range are hubs of major sale and supply of gutka and mawa.

However as per report, 45 significant suppliers of gutka and mawa are working allegedly under the patronage of some black sheep officials of the police in the District Central Karachi.

According to the report, Korangi district ranked second with 23 major gutka suppliers, while 13 such elements were operating in Kemari district and nine in the West. The report stated that there were six selling hubs of the smokeless Tobacco in the Malir district, 2 in South District and 1 in East District.

The report identified the limits of New Karachi Industrial Area Police Station as having the highest number of locations, that is nine, for wholesale of the highly-addictive tobacco chew in the Central district, four such areas were in Gulbahar, three in Nazimabad, three in Rizvia, four each in Liaquatabad, Azizabad, Samanabad, Bilal Colony, and two in Sharahe Noor Jahan.

Apart from this, Gutka and mawa have been selling in five places in Sharifabad, four in Liaquatabad Supermarket area, three in Khawaja Ajmer Nagri and five in New Karachi.

Moreover it was revealed in the said report that including Police personals, Members/leaders of political parties and journalist also involved in backing Gutka, Mawa sellers. The personal mobile numbers of Main sellers of Smokeless Tobacco and the persons who are supporting them are also mentioned in the report.

On the other hand after the directives of Sindh High Court Karachi police is ensuring compliance on Gutka Manufacturing and sale Ban provincial law and taking action against the Gutka, Mawa manufacturers and suppliers .

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