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7CHEFS INSTITUTE of CULINARY ARTS celebrates International Chefs day

International chefs day is celebrated globally since 2004  to highlight and also acknowledge the noble chef profession.
To celebrate this day 7CHEFS INSTITUTE of CULINARY ARTS celebrated International Chefs day with an initiative “clean green karachi”. To this day, 7chefs institute hosted an event to recognise the hard work of the chefs of the growing industry.
The ceremony started by the quranic recitation followed by the founder Chef Jalal haider’s addressing to the attendees.
After that each industry renowned chefs like, Chef Irfan Wasti, Chef Faiza, Chef Fida, and more.. were awarded with shields and appreciation certificates.
7Chefs Institute ‘s proud sponsors were Youngs, Shokolaa, Jardin Restaurant, Food Centre, Jay B, HOWDY karachi and acti health.
The event was then followed by a chefs walk till SMCHS and there we cleaned the neighbourhood.
The event ended with a delish Hi Tea buffet by The Dough factory.
7chefs Institute Of Culinary arts took an oath to promote and to empower the chefs of the industry since 2015 and to educate the future generations with the core training to become the future chefs.

Learn from the best to be the future chefs.

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