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Caritas Distributed Food among most vulnerable Families


The families of the sick, widows, daily wagers and disabled persons are passing very fed-up time of their life due to forth wave of coronavirus in Karachi.

Caritas Pakistan Karachi taken the immediately action to provide Food & Nutrition baskets with coronavirus safety to 110 most deserving and needy disabled, sick, widows and daily-wage Christian families to response to COVID-19 Pandemic.

On 12 -13 October 2021, at St Thomas Parish, through the generosity of CHISTAIN IN NOT Austria, food and Nutrition baskets and corona safety Kits were distributed among most deserving and vulnerable Christian families.

The ceremony began with prayer recited by Fr. Anthony Abrz, Parish Priest of St. Thomas’s Parish. After the prayer Mr. Mansha Noor Executive Secretary Caritas Pakistan Karachi spoke of the plight of the people and the process that Caritas Pakistan – Karachi with generosity and compassion of the Christian in Need we were able to response COVID-19 forth wave to such a variety of different problems and challenges phase by the most vulnerable Christian families by provided support of Food & Nutrition Baskets with corona safety kits.

He concluded his remarks said that Food & Nutrition assistant will bring light of hope for the families of sick, disabled, widows to running their kitchen to feed their families members.

Fr, Anthony Abrz, Parish priest of St. Thomas’s Parish on behalf of the parish and communities thanked Caritas Pakistan Karachi for the work they have been carrying on to provide Food & Nutrition baskets with corona safety Kits to our parish most deserving families.

He further said that, we believe that Holy spirit using peoples like Christian in Need and Caritas Karachi to share Food with most needy and vulnerable families those were fed-up time of their life due to forth wave of coronavirus in Karachi.

He concluded his remarks thanked and prayer for Christian in Need, Austria our benefactors, for their financially support for this relief items.

Before distribution Mr. Sarfraz Anwar, Diocesan Project Office facilitated the Session on COVID-19 and used of corona safety kit. He said that COVID-19 is an infectious condition, which means it can be spread, directly or indirectly, from one person to another.

He concluded his speech said that don’t sneeze or cough into your hands. Use a tissue and throw it away immediately, or sneeze in the inner side of your elbow. Don’t travel or visit crowded places if you’re sick. Do wear a mask if you’re sick and also if you are taking care of someone with the symptoms.

Caritas distributed 110 Food & Nutrition Baskets and Coronavirus Safety kits among most deserving Christian families of St. Thomas’s and St. Michael’s Parish of the Archdiocese of Karachi.

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