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President Arif Alvi office becomes a factory of issuing ordinances ;Shazia Marri


Cenntral Information Secretary People Party Parliamrntarinans and the member of the National Assembly Shazia Atta Marri has said that today office of the President Arif Alvi has become a factory of issuing ordinances only and he shoul read those ordinances at least beforing singing on or issuing them.

She added that Arif Alvi should realize that he is a not only a member of the National Assembly but a President of this country as well. He has given certain role to play with accordance of the constitution of Pakistan and he should play his role despite working on someone’s else direction as a “Munchi”.

Ms Marri said that Niazi’s government is planing to extend term of its pampered Chairman NAB Retired Justice Javed Iqbal which is against the voilation of the constitution and law of Pakistan and it is also tantamount to distort the spirit of Constitution and the law as well. PPP has rejected this decision of the PTI’s government.

This she expressed in a press conference held heron today at Clifton Karachi. She uttered that when President Arif Alavi was an just a member of the National Assembly, he used to make big statements against the previous ruling governments on prices hike of petroleum products, the rising value of the dollar and other issues, but now he has become a factory of ordinances issuance merely. She said that autonomous institutions like NAB do not depend on any personality but such institutions work independently.

Present government has made the NAB controversial due to the extension to Chairman NAB issue and government wants to save and to give relief to its ministers and advisers by the presidential ordinance whose names have appeared even in the recent Pandora papers.

Ms Marri further said that PTI has made the position of Chairman NAB controversial but Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal himself has also made his post more controversial due to his targeted actions on behest of the government against the opposition party members only.

Even the, Apex Court of Pakistan has also mentioned in its proceedings that NAB is being targeting opposition parties only. Shazia Marri further said that Imran Khan and his members have said that they would not consult with the opposition parties on the matter of extension of NAB chairman because of corruption cases are being faced by them.

She surprisingly uttered that helicopter corruption case is under proceddings against Imran Khan and the Malmajaba case is against his cabinet ministers and even the Peshawar BRT corruption case is currently the biggest case in Pakistan but the NAB chairman has remained silent on it.

Imran Khan is not ready to talk with opposition parties regarding the consultations on the NAB chairman’s term extension but he was ready for dialogues with those terrorists and Talibans who took the lives of thousands of innocent children and people in the country.

She said that there is no precedent for the worst economic situation and corruption in the country during present government but such things don’t come out because Chairman NAB has not been taking any action against the government.

She added that PPP leader Sayed Khurshid Shah has been in jail for two years without any conviction and family members being teased by the NAB as well.

While replying a question she said that we are ready to sit with the opposition parties and to make joint strategy plan inside and outside the Parliament on issue of NAB chairman’s term extension.

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