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Advanced Laboratories raising awareness of breast cancer 


According to the survey, Pakistan is at the forefront of breast cancer among all Asian countries. 

We are conducting awareness seminars at various places in Karachi for the harms of this deadly disease which will be effective for women, said the CEO of Advanced Laboratories Mr. Faisal Qasim did this in a session held in the A lab.

He said that about 200,000 women in the world get breast cancer every year and 41,000 patients lose their lives fighting this disease which is why it is very important for women to run awareness campaigns and seminars.

So that women can easily cope with the complex problems caused by breast cancer, women 21 or younger are generally protected from the disease, while women over the age of 40 are at higher risk.

Ehsan Rehman, Director, Advanced Laboratories, said that there are different types of cancer, but breast cancer is the most dangerous in women and if diagnosed in time, it is possible to cure it.

The country also seems to be troubled by this insidious disease. Women, there are also suffering from this disease on a large scale where the diagnosis of breast cancer in women is increasing rapidly and deaths are on the rise, which is not conducive to women’s health.

We have also introduced the Rapid Covid 19 test which can diagnose coronavirus in 15 minutes. In addition, we have other types of testing arrangements. At the end of the event, CEO Faisal Qasim thanked the audience.

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