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Pir Yasir meets Prince Hamdan in Abu Dhabi


Central Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional Pir Yasir met Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Zahid Al Nayyan at his palace Hamdan Palace in Abu Dhabi and congratulated him on the launch of Dubai Expo and stated that it will improve the economical relationship between other countries .

Sheikh Hamdan warmly welcomed Por Yasir and invited him to attend the Dubai Expo Center and said that Overseas Pakistanis based in Dubai are playing their part for the development and prosperity of the two countries which is a commendable step. Yasir Saeen invited Sheikh Hamdan bin Zahid Al Nayyan to visit Pakistan.
However Sheikh Hamdan said that Pakistan is his second home and all Pakistanis are his brothers.
He said that he will play his role to strengthen the relationship between both countries.
Both leaders agreed to continue the meeting process.
Pir Zain ullah and Counsel General of Dubai in Pakistan Bakheet Atique ul Romeeti were present in the meeting.

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