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By: Adnan Hussain Solangi


In 1991 when the telecom industry started to commercialize, new technology in communication was introduced which was 2G & it got 17 years to upgrade from 2G to 3G & 3G technology was almost 50 times faster than 2G, but it only took 1 year to upgrade from 3G to 4G & It was almost 500 times faster than 3G and recently back in the year 2020, we got 5G which is 100 times faster than 4G, but it is still in its infancy phase although it is commercially available in few countries it still needs to enrichments for spreading on a mass scale, now at the same time when most of the world is not  even switched on 5G perfectly, a Chinese mobile company (OPPO) has started launching a phone  with 6G & question here rise is, is it really rationalize to introduce 6G devices even when half of the world is incapable to get 5G?  

So the reason for formulating fast networks is to make fast data transmissions. Now if we see from a common person’s perspective who is not technological whose only use of the Internet is to surf the  web for formal dailylife searches or consuming social media than 4G is already doing better in it and  it is quite satisfying but if we imagine the same person who uses 2G for this it will be quite harsh for that person because of it’s awful and gradual speed.

So now if we compare it with the current age,  where we are now at the edge of Digitalization & where we need new technologies like Artificial  Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain systems to implement it in almost every sector like Agriculture,  Space, Transportation, Energy, Finance & Economy, Industry & Energy sectors to make them outstrip than we will be able to distinguish it same as 2G. 

We are sloping towards a new digital era where we will be able to see self-driving cars, commercializing space, yielding for clean energy and industrial automation and we somehow know that it all need the requisition of A.I. Machine Learning & IOTs, and without these stints, all those  domains are not possible.

But those stints A.I. Machine Learning and Blockchain are required of 


Before talking about those applications we need to understand how Data works?

Data is a piece of information in simple words but it is at the time the most powerful asset and tool it is the Oil of the current age without Data almost everything is blank. We can’t understand anything  without getting the information about that.

For example when we want to know about something  first thing we do is to read, ask or search for that thing to get data it. But we can not do it until we  don’t have any bit of information about that thing. We must be needed a bit of information about  that thing to know more about it that could be a name a number or any raw data.

“Name” is also a  data because it contains some information about any particular person place or whatever it is so  when we got that name it means we got a small information about that thing our next task would be to know more about that thing, that simply means we need to acquire more data from that one  piece of data for that we will use present data and try to acquire more data by using it, for example  we have a random item and we want to know its types, use cases and further information about it ,  for that we will try to get our information/data from different sources whether its from other peoples, books or from Internet but in all those cases one thing will be common that is communication and transportation of data.

So for our case we are using Internet as our source.

So now when we want to search something about that item first will give our data which is in the form name and we will search about that particular thing that what we want to about it, now that whole process is based on a step by step processing system, if we breakdown that process in pieces then it will look like this; first we have a bit of data then we search for more data by using that dataa nd than we will get more data than we have to filter whole data and we only will pick the amounto f information which we want from that whole data.

Now if we compare our method of acquiring data which was a simple Internet search and compare it with a book where we need more time and effort to acquire the same amount of data, the difference between them is the time how fast and easily we are getting our data, that simply means can acquire same amount of data from multiple sources but the way of communication and transportation will be different.

So if we compare the same process on a mass scale for example in a use case of self-driving car; when an A.I drive the car it will also process data in same way but surely it will need the fastest way to communicate with data for processing real-time information to manage accurate conclusions.

We can’t compromise with an A.I processing an old data on real-time use on roads even though that data will be a second old A.I need 100% accuracy here and for that it needs to communicate with real-time data.

As we know now that A.I will need the information to communicate with data in real-time to visualize the real situations for taking accurate decisions, here at this particular time e will need the fastest transportation of data than an A.I can accurate decisions at the time where it needs to manage its multitasking system, monitoring the road and fellow cars, follow GPS to be on the path and take a perfect decision of speed limits, breaking and avoiding traffic at the same time so it also be needed the fast communication of data for providing 100% accuracy, now to make that happen we will be needed 6G, 7G or further improved fastest technologies of networks, of course We can not use available technology here it will be a foolish mistake because the data we have and the data we will be needed for that has a very long gap to cover, it might be good in daily life use case scenario but it’s still immature technology for using it in the applications of A.I.

Human society needs to change with time and with that passage of time our needs also be changed, to fulfil that demand of change we must have to achieve better technologies to make our selves stable & advance with time that’s the only way to face upcoming threats and survive in any worst future disasters.

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