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Street lights Maintained and installed on the procession routes for chehlum Hazrat Imam Hussain(R.A)


On the directives of Administrator d.m.c east, Shoaib Ahmed Malik and Municipal Commissioner Ghulam Sarwar Rahpoto, Street lights maintained by the M&E Department under supervision of Executive Engineer Imtiaz Ahmed Bhutto, further works in process for the maintanance and installation of lights.

Executive Engineer M&E, Imtiaz Ahmed Bhutto said that procession routes gradually brightening and in this connection work will be completed very soon there is no problem at all for brightening the routes except some issues are from K-Electric but it will be resolved.

Ignoring this, he said that he and his department are busy working, but an individual is unnecessarily criticizing him on the basis of personal gain, which is not proper conduct, while the administration of the procession and imam bargahs has appreciated our performance and our efforts are being appreciated by them.

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