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Poem on Peace

By : Eshaal Mughees



Peace is everything to me
It means the world to me
It doesn’t cost a penny
While wars cost a lot
War destroys everything
While Peace reunites everyone
The word itself says reunite people
Just take a look at it!

P for people united
E for end wars
A for all citizens helping each other
C for countries enjoying together
E for everyone lives in harmony
So try to live in peace

Instead of wasting money on wars
Save money by living in peace
Let us live in Peace
And walk in love and unity
Be calm!
Be Safe!

(Eshaal Mughees is student of 6th grade of The City School Bahawalpur. She is 10 years old but struggling for peace promoting through art and writing. In campus she is contributing his capacities for peace and harmony).

  1. Awais Khalid says

    Great Work Eshaal
    Really Appreciated your work towards peace

  2. Hussain farooqi says

    May Allah give u more success Eshal beta

  3. Nicklas Megraj says

    God bless you Beta

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