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District East glowing due to exceptional efforts of committed officer Executive Engineer M&E DMC East Imtiaz Ahmed Bhutto


After extra ordinary efforts of An officer of D.M.C East, Imtiaz Ahmed Bhutto many areas of district east now glowing especially two roundabouts Char minar Bahdurabad and Medicam are beautiful roundabouts of karachi, char minar roundabout brightened and beautified technically with colourful lights planned by Imtiaz Ahmed Bhutto,It is currently famous round about in karachi and people are making selfies here and enjoying to seeing it,another beautiful roundabout park at Bahdurabad under construction and here lightening work also performing Imtiaz Ahmed Bhutto.

Executive Engineer M&E, Imtiaz Ahmed Bhutto also performed notable performance in rain where he performed his duties on one foot for disposal of rainy water and provide dewatering pumps immediately, due to this rainy water disposed off quickly from the main roads and low laying areas.

Imtiaz Bhutto says he loves Karachi and wants his role to be played while living in the D.M.C East to restore his past status i.e. city of lights.

In this regard he has the full support of his Administrator Shoaib Ahmed Malik and Municipal commissioner Ghulam Sarwar Rahpoto,InshaAllah in future i will do more and more for beautifully Brightened karachi via district east,Availble resources are limited but i know how to work in availble resources,If we get special funds for the improvement of the street lights, I assure that the district east will be a district of glistering, which everyone will try to emulate.

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