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KDA Employees Union demands for immediate restoration of medical facilities


An emergency meeting of KDA Employees Union was held at the Union Office under the chairmanship of Employees Union Chairman Muhammad Abdul Maroof, General Secretary Dilawar Khan, President Nadeem Khokhar, Deputy General Secretary Qamar Abbas Bhai and Vice President Nasir Khan were also present on the occasion.

Chairman Muhammad Abdul Maroof said that it was very unfortunate that the item note of the employees regarding medical in the meeting of the governing body was not approved by the chairman governing body Nasir Hussain Shah while there was no financial burden on KDA.

They suggested that if amount would be deducted from their monthly salaries and all the medical deposit would be given to any insurance company then it would be the responsibility of the insurance company to provide medical facilities to the employees.

He said that Medical restoration file is pending for approval, so the KDA Employees Union demands that medical file for employees in grades one to fifteen should be approved as soon as possible.

Employees Union President Nadeem Khokhar said that medical facilities should be restored immediately, The medical of KDA employees is completely closed, due to which Employees and their families are in deep trouble.

The employees’ union has earlier demanded that one of Dow Medical Hospital and University, Ashfaq Hospital be brought back to the KDA medical panel.

Availing Medical facilities is a legal right of the employees and also a responsibility of the institution. Due to the closure of medical facilities, deaths of KDA employees have occurred in the last two years due to non-availability of medical facilities. KDA Employees Union asked Who is responsible for this?

The KDA Employees Union office bearers warns the management to restore the medical facilities of the employees as soon as possible and demanded that the medical treatment of KDA employees should be restored as soon as possible so that the employees could breathe a sigh of relief.

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