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People have caught up in hunger, starvation and famine owing to capitalist system: Faiq Shah


Chairman, Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has noted that the people have caught up in hunger, starvation and famine owing to capitalist system.

Approximately, 90 percent of people were living their life below the poverty line in the whole world, he added.

This is the failure of capitalism in which wealth has turned around in few people and segments, says Mr Shah while talking to a delegation of traders here at his office on Saturday.

He added it’s give birth to turmoil, frustration and terrorism because of growing economic injustice in society whereas resources and assets are becoming limited.

“It is duty of capitalist that they should introduce Islamic system of “economic welfare” in order to establish parity and assets need to be invested that can generate employment opportunities and overcome with increasing poverty issue,”

He alleged that politics, government, trade and commerce have been hijacked and grabbed by feudal lords and capitalist groups.

Mr Shah noted that the society is dividing owing to the increasing economic disparity, albeit, the capital should be shared.

“We have given a clear roadmap of public authority and economic justice for elimination of poverty, deprivations and backwardness,”

The ATP chairman expressed that if our proposal would be practically implemented, that can make Pakistan a superpower.

He vowed they will get to their destination with full strength and vigorous struggle.

He invited the poor-friendly traders and people should join our party so it will bring real change in the country.

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