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North Karachi Industrialists, UFG vow to continue to play a vital role in the economy


The North Karachi Industrial Area Industrialists and the United Founder Group (UFG) have vowed to continue to play a vital role in the development of the country and the creation of vast employment opportunities in the best interests of the country’s development and economy.

By the joint efforts, mutual alliance, they will thwart any conspiracy to destroy North Karachi Industrial Area

In a joint statement, UFG and the industrialists of sector 11-G/11-F, said that the garment industries located here are playing their full role in the economic development of Pakistan. Yet there is a conspiracy to destroy the local garment industry which we will never allow to succeed. The Khatri community, which is at the forefront of the local garment industry and represents it, stands by the North Karachi Association and will continue to do so.

The industrialists thanked the North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI) for playing its Vital role in providing all possible facilities while realizing the importance of local garments industries, and said that they are satisfied to add that No group has a monopoly on the NKATI and nor will the monopoly of any group be allowed, as only those who work for the welfare and development of the North Karachi Industrial Area should lead the association.

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