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Pakistan Defence in Strong Hands ;Pir Yasir


Those Nations Remain Forever who knows how to defence the country, Until Pakistan Armed forces and Hurs of Pir Pagara are on Boarders of country Pakistan defence is in the strongest hands, Pir Yasir Central vice President of Pakistan Muslim League Functional shared these views on the occasion of 6th September Pakistan’s Defense Day.

He stated that Citizens of Pakistan are satisfied regarding the safety and security of country as they know that Pakistan Army is one the best armed of world and Hurs of Pir Pagara are there for the safety of country.

Pir Yasir said Pakistan’s Defence is in stronger hands and in an unannounced war of 1965 Pakistan Army and Hurs have proved that they can give response to every aggression.

PMLF leader shared that his Grand Father Pir Pagara Vll Shah Mardan Shah was on the Battlefield with Soldiers on that time, those who came to remove Pakistan from the map went back with the worst defeat.

He added that Every Hur Mujahid and Activist of PML-F have the capability to respond to any aggression.

On 6th September Defence Day is celebrated in Pakistan as a national day to commemorate the sacrifices made by Pakistani soldiers in defending its borders.

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