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Faiq stresses need of vigorous struggle to get rid from oppressive system


Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has stated that the people of all federating units including Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir are being subjected by the oppressive segments, which has necessitated of launching a political and awareness campaign by youth and all people.

Addressing a meeting of the executive committee here at the party’s central secretariat on Sunday, Faiq said that everyone who came into power has carried out exploitation of people by becoming dictators and has brought the country on verge of bankruptcy.

The meeting has decided to create awareness through a vigorous public campaign across the country.

The ATP chairman asserted that the personality, inheritance and interests based politics need to be escaped.

He emphasized that the struggle, like Pakistan’s movement, needed to be launched for freedom.

Mr Shah stressed it is a requirement of patriotism that to move forward competent, honest and skillful people and resist looter, cruel and oppressive segments from becoming part of politics.

“If the competent people will come up, so they cannot hide their faces and will be held accountable”,

“When they come out one nation and ‘Tehreek’ [movement], so they can alter the anti-democratic system into real democracy”, he opined.

Faiq informed that his party organisations prepared a report on public issues.

He appealed to all institutions to jointly devise a strategy and future line of action in order to pull out the country’s quagmire situations that gave birth to social, economic and ethical issues.

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