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EFP hails exports of camel meat


President, Employers’ Federation of Pakistan, Ismail Suttar has lauded the increase in exports of camel meat from Pakistan, saying that another good news coming from meat exports is that Pakistan has become the top exporter of camel meat in the world.

Although the figure is only $2.60 million, the fact is that Pakistan has made headway and is all geared up to become a global player in export of Halal camel meat.

In a statement, Ismail Suttar termed the export of camel meat as a non-traditional export and requested Abdul Razak Dawood, Advisor to Prime Minister for Commerce & Investment to immediately have an intensive session with meat exporters to enhance exports of camel meat to all GCC countries.

“A well-planned strategy could result in exports of at least US$ 5 million during this fiscal year. Meat exporters to ensure strict quality controls as well as adherence to proper packaging and delivery schedules”, he advised.

Ismail Suttar offered the services of the Economic Council of EFP to the Ministry of Commerce, TDAP and Halal meat exporters in finding new markets and promoting camel meat exports.

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