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IWM Laboratory to be upgraded at a cost of Rs. 98 million; Dr. Khatu Mal Jeevan


Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh for Bureau of Supply and Prices Dr. Khatu Mal Jeewan has said that the project for equipping the International Weights and Measures Laboratory in Karachi on modern lines will be started soon for which Sindh government has allocated Rs 98 million in the budget for the current financial year.

Dr. Khatu Mal Jeewan said that under this project, equipments with modern technology of international standard will be procured so that the quality of measuring instruments can be determined in a better way.

Dr. Khatu Mal Jeewan said that soon all the scales across the province will be re-examined so that the buyers can get the items in proper quantity, especially those who supply petroleum products, daily necessities and other essential items.

He further said that before the commencement of this campaign, the sellers of all items are requested to verify their own devices otherwise action will be taken against the users of unauthorized devices in accordance with the law. 

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