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Fake Smile Can Hide millions Tears

By: Aqeel Khoso


Sometimes we need to keep smile at face such as when we capture selfie or we meet with strange person and also when flirt with Someone.

It doesn’t matter that smile fake or real but we have to keep it at our face for other’s attentions, fake smile can also hide millions tears.

I must put here Charlie’s quote ” My performance depends on my smile, while I’m performing I’ve to keep smily face even-then I’ve Storms of worries but being a joker my duty is make smile to others.”

We should also do this thing which used to do Charlie. somewhere you also judged by your smile.

Your smile make you confident but your smile must be interact with your situations/conditions, and you should aware that where you should smile or where not! No doubt smile creat beauty inside as example you may check your selfie, such as fake smile make best your selfie as well as smile also creat beauties in your life.

Just smile and ignore rumors who tries to break you down. Your smile is enough for your enemies so keep smile at face and let them burn.

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